Thursday, October 26, 2006

Street Dialogue

Imran Khan photo.


Blogger bobby said...

Hey Imraan,
First of all congrats for the best show by my fav team windies, of whom you are an integral part.

Nice work and you brought out the true India's one of the reflection.

I saw some comments from my fellow countrymen asking you to etch out the wide canvas. They are right but nevertheless what you took is what we need to eradicate from India - pain and misery of the poor.

I wrote a poem on this. Hope you dont get bored.
(pazam pori aka banana fry is a delicacy of kerala.....)

The Banana fry

Up go the wheels rolling over,
Without any reverence
For the crushing away steely iron rails,
But certainly there was music of verve.

Running past the beautiful contour
Of Coconut and Acacia trees,
It seemed for the lad sitting by the grilled window
The universe is never dying, rolling behind the scenic.

There were tumultuous scenes ubiquitously,
Vista of rummies, gossips, readers of glossy
Magazines, hawkers fooling with gimmicks,
TTE looking for ticket or bribe were a handful of them.

The lad looked out with inquisitiveness,
To see the infinite lagoon of backwaters with
Oarsmen plunging their heart with
Stick of hopes and net of traps.

Unsullied mind made him wander over
The heaven of dreams that
This world is so mirthful.

Anon he heard the voice of noise,
Tea, coffee, vada, pazham pori
Hurting his gleeful thoughts,
But churn into budding appetite.

Gazing at his mater
Desire twinkled with a smirk
To grab his favorite Pazam pori.
Gulping it briskly never
Burn his hot desires of taste buds.

Until a grubby palm
Extended towards a near-by creature
That indecorously turned sour,
He left the filthy hands bare.

A petite soul was clutching the bearer’s heart
With a skimpy abdomen and
Protruding skeleton,
With an eternal craving is though.

Dull became the lad with disenchantment,
Gave away his banana fry
To that tiny world of hopes,
But he burned with the tears of false conviction.

The brakes were applied with long
Trumpeting whistles
But him to realize
The agony is a never ending voyage.

If one middle class Indian family can give one Rs per day we can eradicate...but that is not the real is many other reasons why we are poor and it seems we are getting this gap widened....may God bless us to kill this menace...

Imran, may all your wishes come true.I hope you will have a nice time in Pakistan and always welcome back to my country. We are always welcoming and colorful. Please do visit kerala next time.
It looks more like caribbean in the beaches and a paradise. Ofcourse I am from there but I am a true India who believes we are a country which is having a wide array of reflections - sometimes bright sometimes painful.But we still do our is on the way....
You take care man and all my wishes for the final.


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